Serving for Gold

I went from being intimidated to play… to now I’m excited whenever I have an opportunity to compete.  But what’s really amazing is what happened for other people.


“I really appreciated the fine job you and Vivian did with the “Serving For Gold” video. For beginner players the explanation of the service rules was simple and on point. Oftentimes new players are confused about service rules and need a refresher until they get it right so it becomes a natural part of their game.


For an intermediate player, like me, the video was a conformation that I am on the right track. I’m pretty consistent with my serves and can place them wherever I choose to so, it was very helpful to see a pro like Vivian present her serves with an emphasis on strategy, pace and grip technique. For the longest time I’ve been adjusting my grip according to which type of serve I was attempting to deliver but, have always thought I was making a big mistake in doing so even though my serves were in and would put quite a bit of stress on the receiver.


It’s refreshing to finally find out that I’ve been on the right track the whole time. Having a pro pickleball player confirm these techniques is a huge value for a player like me and I’m positive others will find your video very helpful as well. 

Job well done.”  

Gary Gossett, 3.5 rating, USAPA Ambassador for Simi Valley, CA

“All-in-all, the course was comprehensive and an easy to watch educational experience. Vivian's explanations were clear, concise and easy to follow.  Plus, her demonstrations were right on target.  She's inspired me to try to incorporate her semi-western grip in my hard and spin serves.  Now I just have to drill...drill...drill. 


I've spent countless hours watching other pros teaching their favorite serves on YouTube. What Serving For Gold does is combine the best of these. This is the only video I've seen that covers many different types of serves along with the basics.  I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to improve pickleball serving.”  

Steve Chavkin, 3.5 rating, Palm Beach Gardens, FL