What's my rating now?  USAPA changes pickleball player rating system

What's my rating now? USAPA changes pickleball player rating system

July 17, 2018 0 Comments

Last week, the USAPA rolled out their new player rating system.  The UTPR (USAPA Tournament Player Ratings) was established to have a more accurate assessment of all players. 

With the previous or legacy system, the ratings were based on tournament directors and each player’s own ratings.  (Surely no one would play down a level, would they?)   

With tournaments getting bigger and more players entering the sport, it became difficult to track everyone correctly.

The UTPR is comprised using up to 3 years of tournament history from pickleballtournaments.com.  It’s based on past performance and will help in seeding future tournaments.

How do you find your rating?

  • You need to be a USAPA member. If you’re not, you can register for a 1- year membership for $20 at USAPA membership
  • Go to the USAPA Member Login page and find your legacy and new rating
  • You will find your singles, doubles and mixed doubles ratings
  • Ratings are rounded to a 2-digit skills rating for use in registering for tournaments
  • You can view your match history, but the scores will not be shown, just your win-loss record

What if my rating isn’t accurate?

What are the most common issues being reported?

  • No match data
  • Tournament results are missing a match or matches
  • Tournaments that were not run using pickleballtournaments.com
  • Results from tournaments that players didn’t participate in
  • Missing tournaments that just finished
  • Some tournament results were not properly entering by the tournament director

Which ratings will be used at the 2018 Nationals?

  • The previous or legacy system

The USAPA is planning to publish a player rankings system later this year that will include more than a player’s rating.  Hopefully, this answers some or all your questions about the new rating system. 

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