What's happening in pickleball! (2019)

What's happening in pickleball! (2019)

August 18, 2019 0 Comments

  1. Heading to Indian Wells for the 2019 Margaritaville Nationals?

Here’s the facility info:

  • It’s held November 2-10 at Indian Wells Tennis Center in guess where? Indian Wells, CA
  • Indian Wells is 30 minutes from Palm Springs International Airport
  • There are 49 pickleball courts
  • More restrooms (hey ladies!) and concessions
  • Players have access to the Championship Court included in their registration

Registration news:

  • Players will be notified by August 22 if you’ve received a spot
  • When a player’s name is drawn, you will be entered in all events that you registered, if spots are available
  • Once the spots are filled, those not picked will be placed on a waitlist
  • To participate you must have played in at least one of the qualifying USAPA-sanctioned events between July 16, 2018, and July 15, 2019. You are eligible to play in singles, doubles and mixed doubles events.

Want more information on the tournament, schedule of events or need tickets, check it out HERE.

  1. Our most popular Instagram post of the last month shows how much pickleball has grown when Tyson McGuffin and Lucy Kovalova were on the Today Show playing in Rockefeller Plaza. You can see it HERE
  1. Smash Park

For those players in Des Moines, IA that love playing pickleball at its flagship location will be excited to know they are expanding.  They have plans to franchise the concept with new locations expected to open in Minneapolis and Cleveland in the next year.  You can check out their website HERE.

  1. A Serving for Gold customer named Matt emailed me recently about the course. He said,

“I was serving all wrong, and the video fixed my serves, and they are now great.  My body was positioned incorrectly, and this video helped me out tremendously. 

I watched a ton of free videos online on serving and none of them worked.  Your videos are great, and it doesn’t hurt the Vivian is smoking hot!”

For the record, I confirmed that it didn’t come from Vivian’s husband.

     5. “In three to four years, pickleball will be bigger than golf and it won’t even be close.”

  • Hank Haney, a professional golf coach, that has trained Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara
  1. Our most popular blog post so far this year

8 people and pickleball companies to connect with in 2019

  1. A number that will shock you

There are about 7,000 facilities to play pickleball with about 1,100 being added in 2018.  That’s an average of 92 per month.

  1. IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association)

They started their Junior Certification Teaching Program a few years ago.  It allows players under 21 to get certified under the condition that a current IPTPA member mentors them until they become eligible.  Congrats to the young members that were recently certified.  Who says pickleball is for the older generation?

      9.  Love all things racket? A colleague started Racket Lounge a website covering pickleball, tennis, squash, table tennis and racquetball.  His pickleball page focuses on basic and advanced guiles about the game and in-depth paddle reviews for all players.

      10.  Want more pickleball news?

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