Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide (2018)

Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide (2018)

December 04, 2018 0 Comments

Whichever holiday you celebrate, it’s that time of year!

We’ve put together the pickleball holiday gift guide whether you need a present or you have a pickleball addict in your life.


Dinkers & Bangers- Started by 2 pickleball loving ladies in upstate New York over 2 years ago.  Performance shirts that look great and will make you smile.  Right now, they are offering Buy 2 Get 1 50% Off.  Gotta love one of their shirt’s designs- “Pickleball.  Cheaper Than Therapy.”

The Pickler- With an eye-catching logo on their t-shirts, polos and hats this lifestyle brand was launched by a former professional fastpitch softball player.  Currently, they have a free e-book, “The Pickleball Mental Edge” on their site.  Sign up for their email list and get 10% off your first order. 

Pickleball Rocks- “The World’s Most Recognized Pickleball Brand” founded by Rocket Grubbs and family 10 years ago.  You’ve most likely seen their logo at a tournament or heard some shout “Pickleball Rocks” on the court.  Have a friend that has everything a player needs?  Bet they don’t have Pickleball Pandemonium…a board game that can fit in their pickleball bag.


The Art of Pickleball- Written by Gale Leach, an accomplished children’s book author.  Gale wrote this book because she couldn’t find one that helped her become a better player.  Everything you need to know whether you are new to the sport or been playing for years.  Court diagrams, techniques, equipment, tips for doubles play, etiquette and winning strategies are all in the updated fourth edition.

The History of Pickleball- Perennial Gold Medal winner Jennifer Lucore and her mother, USAPA Ambassador Beverly Youngren, wrote this insightful book about the origins and growth of pickleball.  How did the sport start?  Where did the name really come from?  Why has it become so popular?  You’ll know that and more after reading it.


Third Shot Sports- started by pickleball pro, Mark Renneson, who in addition to hosting a pickleball podcast and newsletter, also runs clinics throughout the year.  For a great price, you get in person training from one of the best.  Check out the Clinics page to see where he’ll be in 2019.

Pickleball Trips- Ready for a vacation?  How about Mexico… or Thailand… or Amsterdam… or Japan.  Well, the Moore family will take you there.  Led by Scott, Daniel and Jon Moore, they have more pickleball medals between them than my kids have excuses for not making their beds.


Emily Austin Austrian Crystal Designs- Founded by Emily Austin (makes sense, right?), a jewelry designer for 25 years.  She uses Swarovski crystals and all her products are made in the USA.  Bracelets, pendants, and earrings from $85-$150.  Hard to argue with her slogan, “Everything goes better with sparkle!”

Pickleball Machines

Pickleball Central- Lobster Pickleball Machine ($899) or Pickleball Tutor (starting at $849) are the 2 brands that they stock. Both come with a ball collector with the impressive name of Kollectaball CS40!

Simon Pickleball Machine- The original now with the Simon2- their second generation and upgraded machine.  Holds 160 balls and retails for $1,199 with $79 wireless remote included for free.

Looking for a review of these machines?  Check out Pickleball Portal’s review here.

Stocking stuffers

Onix Pickleballs- outdoor balls that fit nicely in a stocking.  What pickleball playing friend can’t use a few more pickleballs?

Selkirk Tour Backpack Bag- you’ve got to look good coming and going from the court too!  Selkirk’s new backpack isn’t a tennis bag masquerading as a pickleball bag.  It’s got a dedicated paddle pouch for 2 paddles, ventilated shoe compartment, laptop sleeve (so you can register for a tournament) and much more.

Happy Holidays!


-Duke at Quick Pickle

For the Love of Pickleball

© Quick Pickle 2018

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