Pickle like you mean it!

Pickle like you mean it!

March 12, 2018 0 Comments

I received some great feedback about our Drop Shot Domination course from Anna Desrocher recently that made me smile.  She said:

“Good morning,

I have viewed the two videos. I have taken notes from them.  I love Daniel as a coach/teacher in the sport of pickleball. He is simple, honest, and true with all of his instructions. I love the games and drills at the end of each video as well.  This purchase was an investment for me to improve my game of pickleball.

Dinking will now increase my net’s worth!”

Gotta love the play on words!

Feedback like this is not unusual since we’ve launched.  It’s been a great start for us because the pickleball community is so welcoming and growing so quickly.

Look at the number of pickleball groups on Facebook.  Pickleball Forum is at over 16,000 members.  It was only about 10 months ago that they were at 10,000 members.  Sure, we’re not tennis, our tournaments aren’t on TV all the time…yet.

Even though the sport is just over 50 years old, we’re experiencing exponential growth.  

New tournaments are popping up every day.  PickleballTournaments is planning on supporting over 550 tournaments with over 60,000 players in 2018.  Our tournaments don’t charge admission and we’re allowed to bring our own food and drink.  How many other sporting events can offer that?

Speaking of PickleballTournaments...they were acquired by Pickleball Central recently, you can read about it here.

Pickleball’s first ever Battle of the Sexes took place last year at the Bobby Riggs Tennis & Pickleball Club.

Andre Agassi & Andy Roddick played in the Paddle Battle on Saturday

The USAPA National Championships for the next 5 years will be held at Indian Wells Tennis Garden near Palm Springs.  It’s one of the most prestigious Tennis and soon to be Pickleball venues in the world.

Quick Pickle is excited to be a part of this growth.  Can you imagine what we’ll be talking about in a year from now?

As my friend Anna said, “Pickle like you mean it!”

Any other exciting pickleball news to share???

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final courtesy reminder...sale closing
final courtesy reminder...sale closing

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The train is leaving the station...

It's now or never...

Quick Pickle 20% off sale ends tonight

So, this is your one last official warning.

If you want to get 20% off our courses and apparel, click this link to go to our website.

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