Behind the scenes at Paddle Battle

Behind the scenes at Paddle Battle

March 27, 2018 0 Comments

I was able to watch some behind the scenes footage from the Paddle Battle held in Austin, TX during the SXSW festival in February.  For those who didn’t hear about it, it was Team (Andre) Agassi v. Team (Andy) Roddick playing Pickleball to raise money for their foundations.  

There were some professional Pickleball players, tennis players as well as Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur who played.  Below is a short conversation that Gary, Andre, Andy and a couple others had before their match. 

Gary: You’ve never played this?

Andy: I played it once.  Like, two years ago.


Gary: Andre, you’ve never played this?

Andre: No

Gary:  Ever?

Andre:  Ever.

Tennis player:  You?

Gary:  No


Ryan (friend of Gary’s): I’ve never heard of this sport before now.

Tennis player:  It’s massive

Gary:  It’s exploding


We always talk about how popular Pickleball is, but it’s interesting to hear people that have never played before say “It’s massive” or “It’s exploding”.   

How do we continue to grow our sport?

  • Introduce the game to your friends and family
  • Join a Pickleball group on Facebook, explore boards on Pinterest, follow players and Pickleball companies on Instagram
  • Become a USAPA Member or Ambassador
  • Play in a tournament or start a tournament
  • Be a positive player on the court, encourage new players as they are learning
  • Partner with your town to build Pickleball courts
  • Encourage your rec center to offer more Pickleball court times
  • Purchase equipment- USAPA offers a Community Grant Program for reimbursement up to $250 for the purchase of qualified Pickleball equipment dedicated to a specific location
  • Nominate a player or contributor to the Pickleball Hall of Fame (accepting applications until August 1)

What other options do you suggest?

Have a great day on the court, 


Quick Pickle

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