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Are you ready for your tournament?

Are you ready for your tournament?

March 19, 2019 0 Comments

Spring is here and so are more pickleball tournaments!  Nervous for your first one or a seasoned vet?  We’ve got you covered with our list of items to remember before the big day and the day of.

Before the tournament

  1. Play with your partner- Find time before the tournament to practice together. If you’re coming from different states, find a time before to work on your communication and to talk strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Eliminate stress- Pack your bags the night before. Make sure you have everything you need so you don’t freak out the morning of.
  3. Bring additional clothes- You don’t want to sweat through your only shirt during your first match. Remember to pack extra shirts, socks and shorts.

Day of tournament

  1. Remember to check in when you arrive each day. Don’t be that person that forgot to.  “Has anyone seen Karen?”
  2. Keep your ears open- Be listening for your name to be called. You can also use to find your court assignment.
  3. Find a place to warm up with your partner- You don’t want to get called and not be ready to go. See if the venue has a court to warm up on or find an area to practice.
  4. Hydrate- Drink water and then more water. Yes, coffee sounds great in the morning, but water is what your body needs.  Hold off on the beer or cocktail until your day is done.  I know, it looks so good though.
  5. Relax in between matches- Listen to music, talk with your partner or friends or find a quiet spot to stay mentally prepared
  6. Stretch- Keep your body ready, this helps to reduce the risk of injury since you’ll be sitting in between your games
  7. Stay focused- It’s easy to reconnect with friends, but remember you’re here for the win, baby!

Looking for a place to stay during the tournament?  Pickleball Guesthouses allows you to offer up your home or a bedroom to other players when they’re in town. 

Want to sign up for a tournament?  Pickleball Tournaments has enough listed that one’s got to be close to you.

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6 people and pickleball companies to connect with (2020)
6 people and pickleball companies to connect with (2020)

March 04, 2020 0 Comments

6 people and pickleball companies to connect with in 2020

Oh Yeah!!  It’s that time of year when the snow starts to melt, or it’s 600 instead of 500 and we get excited to play outside whenever we want!  It’s also that time of year when we roll out who we should be checking out in pickleball in 2020.

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Watch pickleball grow (2019)
Watch pickleball grow (2019)

November 19, 2019 0 Comments


Congrats to all of those that participated in the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships at Indian Wells Tennis Garden.  There were over 2,200 players vying for the $80,000 tournament prize purse.  Check out  Pickleball Tournaments for a list of the medal winners.


Do you want more info on the tourney including watching matchups on demand, check out the website here.  Next year’s Nationals will be at Indian Wells from October 31-November 8, 2020.

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What's happening in pickleball! (2019)
What's happening in pickleball! (2019)

August 18, 2019 0 Comments

  1. Heading to Indian Wells for the 2019 Margaritaville Nationals?

Here’s the facility info:

  • It’s held November 2-10 at Indian Wells Tennis Center in guess where? Indian Wells, CA
  • Indian Wells is 30 minutes from Palm Springs International Airport
  • There are 49 pickleball courts
  • More restrooms (hey ladies!) and concessions
  • Players have access to the Championship Court included in their registration


Registration news:

  • Players will be notified by August 22 if you’ve received a spot
  • When a player’s name is drawn, you will be entered in all events that you registered, if spots are available
  • Once the spots are filled, those not picked will be placed on a wait list
  • To participate you must have played in at least one of the qualifying USAPA-sanctioned events between July 16, 2018 and July 15, 2019. You are eligible to play in singles, doubles and mixed doubles events.ind

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