Is Pickleball ready for Rally Scoring?

Is Pickleball ready for Rally Scoring?

June 05, 2018 0 Comments

There’s a debate going on in Pickleball whether we should change from Side Out scoring to Rally Scoring.  Not sure what the difference is?

Rally Scoring is a scoring method where points can be won by the serving or receiving team.

Side Out Scoring is a format of scoring where points can be won only by the serving team.

All the other paddle/racquet/net sports had a similar decision to make and they decided to switch to the rally scoring system.  Let’s talk pros and cons to switching to rally scoring:


  • Difficult to explain scoring to new players
  • Easier to watch on TV, able to grow internationally quicker
  • Games move faster
  • Same fundamentals of the sport


  • Maintains a balance between offense and defense
  • Don’t use the third shot drop as much
  • Harder to find out your opponent’s weakness if the game is shorter
  • Not how the founders of the sport designed the rules

Most agree that the receiving team has the advantage currently.  Why?  The 2-bounce rule requires that the serving team must stay back so the service return can bounce.  Because of this, the receiving team will get to the kitchen line first.  Some argue that beginning and intermediate players will not be able to improve their skills.

Do we change the scoring like badminton and volleyball have done?  Instead of the first team to 11, we play to 15, win by 2 and cap it at 21.

What are your thoughts? 

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What's my rating now?
What's my rating now?

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Last week, the USAPA rolled out their new player rating system.  The UTPR (USAPA Tournament Player Ratings) was established to have a more accurate assessment of all players. 

With the previous or legacy system, the ratings were based on tournament directors and each player’s own ratings.  (Surely no one would play down a level, would they?)   

With tournaments getting bigger and more players entering the sport, it became difficult to track everyone correctly.

The UTPR is comprised using up to 3 years of tournament history from  It’s based on past performance and will help in seeding future tournaments.

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Are you a Banger or a Power Player?
Are you a Banger or a Power Player?

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I was playing doubles recently and had a match against a couple former tennis players new to Pickleball.  I’ve shared some stats about the Tennis to Pickleball migration on our Instagram account and how great it is to see firsthand.

Our opponents as former tennis players were used to driving the ball but didn’t have much experience with the soft game.

“Dinking?  What is that?”

Not being one to give unsolicited advice, I let them play using their banger or slammer techniques.

What do you do when playing against a banger?

  1. Get to the kitchen line, keep your knees bent
  2. Have your paddle up, flat and still
  3. Keep your paddle head above your wrist and elbow down
  4. Use your paddle to block their shot or punch it back to their side

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Never played sports, now a Pickleball Ambassador

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How does someone that didn’t play sports growing up become a USAPA Ambassador at age 67?  A woman of course.  Gary’s wife, Pippa, played tennis for years and about 4 years ago received a flyer in the mail from the Parks & Rec department about a new sport being played at their rec center.  The flyer said Pickleball is open to any residents age 50 or older.  (Really?)

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