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Gerald Kato, USAPA Ambassador

“I watched the training video twice and enjoyed it very much.  Daniel is well respected in the Pickleball world and a great teacher/coach/trainer.  Overall, well done, and intermediate/advanced players will benefit the most.  Daniel Moore is a great coach/trainer/instructor.”

Gerald Kato, USAPA Ambassador Aurora/Parker Pickleball Club, Picacho Peak Pickleball Club

Melissa McCurley, Pickleballtournaments.com

“Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of pickleball's finest. Daniel is not only a world class Pickleball player and instructor he is also a world class person!  I had the opportunity to play Mixed Doubles in Spain with Daniel (September 2017) in the pro division.  We walked away with the 4th place aluminum medal, but the experience to be on the court with Daniel was pure gold for me!”

Melissa McCurley, Owner- PickleballTournaments.com

Wes Middendorf

“I have watched many instructional videos online, but this has been the most informative. Most videos I watch online are short and go over one shot. This video helps you understand how to prepare for the shot, and what to do after you hit it. All things that have helped my game.”

Wes Middendorf

Gale Leach, The Art of Pickleball

Quick Pickle's video, "Drop Shot Domination," taught by pro Daniel Moore describes the philosophy behind hitting the soft third shot and deals with the aspects of play that make that shot work.  From the basics, like how to hold the paddle and footwork, to advanced techniques and strategies-all topics are explained using a white board and then demonstrated at a perfect tempo.  A great combination.  Take time to watch this video.  You'll enjoy it and come away with a better understanding of the third drop shot and the great tool it is.

Gale Leach, Author of The Art of Pickleball